Shadow Embroidery Tutorial

Shadow Embroidery is a beautiful embellishment to add to garments or any of your projects where you desire a soft and elegant design element.  Designs are completed in the hoop with your embroidery machine using the following items.
Schmetz Gold size 75 machine embroidery needles
Aurifil 50wt. 2 ply cotton Mako thread for needle in the colors of your choice
Mettler 60wt. white cotton thread for the bobbin
OESD Aqua Mesh or Floriani Wet and Gone stabilizer  (both are water soluble)
Nylon Organdy or Nylon Organza
505 Temporary Spray Adhesive
Cut one layer of the recommended stabilizer larger than the hoop you are using.
Spray one side only of the stabilizer with 505 spray adhesive and position inner ring of hoop on top of the sprayed side.  Press down firmly.
Position inner ring with stabilizer inside outer ring and tighten hoop.
Place a piece of  organdy on the stabilizer and smooth in place.  The 505 spray adhesive should hold the organdy in place.
Open design on your machine and you will see the shadow thread base is the first to be stitched.
Position hooped stabilizer and organdy on machine and stitch the shadow thread base thru the layers.  (no fabric at this time)  Machine will stop sewing when thread base is finished.
If you'd prefer, you may trim away any excess stabilizer from around the design leaving approximately 1/2 inch of organdy extending beyond the shadow base.  Doing so will expose more of the stabilizer that we sprayed with 505.
When centering the design on the fabric is necessary, draw a vertical and horizontal line on the fabric intersecting where you want the design to be centered.  Position the fabric over the design and center.
Smooth fabric in place.  If 505 is no longer tacky, you may spray more avoiding the thread base as much as possible.  If desired, you may also use double sided tape, positioning it outside of the stitching area.  In place of actual tape, I love a product by RNK called Stitch Perfection Tape.  It is double sided but the great thing about it is that it is water-soluble. 
Stitch embroidered outline stitch to secure the fabric and outline the shadow thread base.
If your design has additional elements, they are usually sequenced to be stitched after the shadow embroidery has been finished. 
Continue stitching the elements of the design, following the stitching sequence of your machine or from the printable PDF stitch files included with the design.
       Have Fun and Happy Stitching.